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A Nigerian Queer
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Support For
Nigerian Trans People

Today, it’s getting harder to imagine being thrown in jail for just being who you are or for who you love, but there were times when LGBT+ people went through even worse around the world.

QUEST9ja is launching a fundraiser for a trans healthcare fund as part of our mutual aid program. This is dedicated to empowering poor trans Nigerians in need of immediate support.

quest9ja gofundme - save nigeria transgenders

The Nigerian government has not only completely failed to meet the healthcare needs if Nigerians, but queer Nigerians are targeted wherever they try to access trans affirming healthcare. The cost of HRT medication is exorbitant and this is compounded by the queerphobia that exists in Nigeria’s rapidly shrinking labour market.

Trans people face ever-increasing levels of uncertainty in Nigeria’s labour market. Going off their HRT not only causes psychological stress, but they are exposed to the threat of violence and death.



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Every day, people face violence or jail because of who they are or who they love.
We help change that.

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